Talia Benabu-Works

curator: Iddo Markus

Kupferman-collection museum, Kibbutz Lohamei HaGeta'ot, Isarel
14 spt 2019 - 28 Jan 2020

Talia Benabu's works create an intergenerational dialogue with the works of the late artist Moshe Kupferman. Although differing in color scheme, both artists share an interest in construction and destruction, repetition and the strong presence of time in their works. Benabu uses a printing press to bring together different layers of shapes and colors that collide, are absorbed and intertwine, creating a colorful world that fluctuates between abstract and figurative. The printing press, a mechanism that represents the revolution of reproduction, takes on a different role in hands of the artist, acting as medium and means for creating a unique image. Monotype is a printing technique in which a singular print is created by drawing directly on a non-absorbent plate, is then printed onto paper using a printing press, thus resulting in the disappearing of the original ink drawing. When the same paper goes through the press repeatedly, it gathers memories of the artists actions. Benabu’s monotypes are like exposed archaeological layers, compressed yet filled with air and space. The process of her work requires in-depth knowledge of printmaking, together with an ability to create space for chance and surprise within the creative process. It is as if she is walking on a thin rope, contemplating, observing and searching for the precise moment when the kaleidoscope of shapes and color comes together, before breaking down again.

Curatorial work