2017-2023 (on-going)

140  Paintings, etchings, drawings / variable dimensions
50   Readymade photos / variable dimensions
100  Color slides / slide projector
I’ve started my current project in 2017 after finding a box of old slides (dated 1968/69) scattered on the street. Upon scanning the slides, I’ve discovered nostalgic staged photos of an anonymous family's trip to the holy land and their Euro-trip.
The "Not My Vacation" series uses these nostalgic images to explore and raise questions about tourism culture that has evolved into a mixture of simulacrum ,reality and imagination.
The body of works moves between abstraction and figuration as a tool of blurring time and place and As inspiration for contemporary painting.
Deconstructing the found slides in a cinematographic approach, with surgery blowups fragments revealing by standers who are caught by accidnet and become the main subject for abstraction and painting, exposing the thin line betwee documentation of the private and the political, raising questions about the past and present through different mediums and display approaches.


Miniatures / Oil on wood / Variable dimensions

Oil on canvas
180x150 cm

Oil on wood
variable dimensions

archival prints

Paintings & ready made Blow-ups Fragments

Oil on canvas
200x160 cm




Works & Projetcs