︎  Bandit  ︎
A collaboration with artist Anna Lukashevsky

In the area of relationships, as well as in relationship art, the most significant challenge is to maintain an ongoing and constant connection with the other. There is anxiety and meaning in this situation. In an art project of this magnitude, Iddo MarKus and Anna Lukashevsky represent an extraordinarily challenging example.
Coincidentally, the two were drawn to the character of neighbor Sergei following watching a violent incident outside the house window, each separately, at a different time. A violent event that aroused cultural, emotional and visual interest.
To begin this program, Lukashevsk and Markus painted portraits in the community center and painted in the living rooms of houses surrounding it. From this starting point to the interpersonal process with Sergei, their focus shows their choice to plunge into and shape the contents of the art of the place and the art of relationships. A painting, a documentary film, and an installation of objects and works of art by Sergei are on display as part of the project.The character of Sergei reminds me of a Shakespeare character in a Trentino film. The exhibition offers an honest, rude, and sensitive discussion about the meaning of Russian immigration, voluntary immigration, and resettlement, all of which are derived from a dialogue with one person, an outsider, a bandit of society.

Curator Oz Zloof

Haifa Museum of Art education center

Installtion view